bunge_lab_photo_09.07.2022_4_to_3Lab members. Top row (left to right): Jaquelyn Borcea, Miranda Calacsan, Silvia Bunge, Anthony Dunn, Suvi Haekkinen, Willa Voorhies. Bottom row (left to right): Genna Macfarlan, Monica Ellwood-Lowe, Smriti Mehta, Elena Leib, Leana King.


Bunge Lab Happy Hour April 2022Some lab members & close collaborators. Clockwise from left: Elena Leib, Willa Voorhies, Nick Ichien (UCLA), Dave Kraemer (Dartmouth), Sophia Baia, Anthony Dunn, Kay Alfred (Dartmouth), Carolyn Irving, Silvia Bunge, Suvi Haekkinen.


BungeLabPic2022On Zoomland!